I'm a software developer from Ghent, Belgium. Before I started my bachelor in digital design & development at Howest, I got a Visual Arts degree at Luca School of Arts, focussing on Multimedia Design. Afterwards I participated in The Washington Center's Media & communications program during spring semester 2017 in Washington D.C. where I also did my internship.

  • Multimedia Design, Luca School of Arts | 2010 - 2014
  • Digital Design & Development, Howest | 2014 - 2017
  • Media & Communication studies, The Washington Center | 2017


Currently I'm working as a React Native developer at In The Pocket in Ghent, where I'm also React Competence advocate. As advocate I'm responsible to communicate our technical excellence in React development, this includes writing tech articles and giving guest lectures at schools.

Before starting at In The Pocket I did several internships while also freelancing as a designer for multiple clients. You can find a full write-out of my previous positions on my LinkedIn page.